Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Blogs...what will they think of next?

Really, i could care less. But im here, im loud and im proud ; and refusing to use proper syntax or grammar. Call it a character flaw, or call it typing with one hand. I call it fighting back against the man. oh yeah...the man. See, the man wants you to type with 2 hands. Propogates mind control , being the same as everyone else. Well im not; im unique like everyone else. My nonexistant blogging brothers and sisters, its time. Time to fight back against the "google's" (who i thank for allowing me this free blog, so no offence) , "walmarts" and "nike's" of the world. Time to shut down and turn off. Thats what Marshall McLuhahan's (or whatever his damn name is-I'd "google it" if i wasnt spouting off on them...) younger brother once said. No one listened to him. Why? Cause the man supported his older brother. mind control my friends...mind control. you look at the calendar and see 2005, i see 1984...


Blogger Adam H said...

You know what else I don't like Bloggenheimer. Daylight savings time. It has done nothing for me except steal one hour of sleep right around spring. I blame that Canadian train guy who invented it. Or Bush. That seems popular nowadays. Or Artest. What's another 40 game suspension to him at this point. Anyway, you should rant about Daylight Savings time.

7:49 PM


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